About me

My experience with the Spanish language I was born in Argentina and Spanish is my native language. My country has never been a leader in economic matters but, culturally, it has always shown good literary taste, in my opinion. Of course, things are changing but I have retained an appreciation for the beauty of this…

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My Offer

WHO IS THIS OFFER FOR This offer is useful for those who have a certain capacity to speak in Spanish. Imagine that you will be talking with a very kind person, considerate, responsive and a great companion who only speaks Spanish.This means that whatever you are going to build, you will do it from your…

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Edgewalkers2014 #672

The Method

Although the application is personal and different in each case, the method is essentially one. The basis of the method is sustainable enthusiasm. The process begins with enthusiasm and it is nourished by it. The aim of the method is expansion and its design is very simple. We establish the goals to achieve -like type…

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